Training Program

Cody Sapergia is head trainer of Jac Point Quarters but also takes foreign horses in training.

I know that no two horses are alike. Every horse’s mind determines how to train it the best way. Knowing what kind of horse you’re on is very important. I try to stay open minded for every new horse I ride, to give him the best I can.

  • solid ground work ist the base for a good Reining Horse
  • my training is black and white – in every handling and training aspects, as well as feeding and taking care of my training horses
  • my main training is based on the motivation of the horse that it will perform the maneuvers on its own
  • trust and respect is an important aspect – before I ask for maneuvers, I make sure that the horse has enough energy and is physical and psychical able to turn its energy into powerful manuevers
  • consistent training and a long term working programm will pay out into a solid and long lasting show horse